Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Dead Zone

Jesse James was 'a softly spoken 15-year-old who regularly helped his local pastor' and had the misfortune to live in Moss Side, a notorious inner-city suburb of Manchester, England, that is known as the British Bronx.

When the youngster was gunned down last year, it was suggested he might have been a member of a gang but police thought it mistaken identity and his mother vehemently insisted her “precious baby boy” was no gang member.

With the murder still unsolved, an inquest into Jesse's death has opened at which it is now suggested the youngster was accused of being a member of one gang in front of members of a rival group, sufficient enough in Moss Side to get you killed.

There's something else sufficient round there to get you killed:

Witness D, Jessie, and another teenage boy had been standing outside the West Indian Sports and Social Club in Moss Side. Witness D had wanted to “check out” a nearby party and set off on his bike. But as he did so, the other teenage boy had told Jessie that it might not be a good thing to follow his friends into the park on his bicycle... Earlier another witness, identified only as Witness A, also described the moment around 1am when Jessie was ambushed in the park.
One AM.

There's something seriously wrong when children shoot each other.

It starts when one in the morning is considered playtime.

-- Nick

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