Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mental Giants

Reporter gets a taste of her own medicine:

Michelle Madigan, a reporter with Dateline, was apparently hoping to get one of the delegates at DefCon to confess to having committed a crime while being filmed on a hidden camera. But her cover was blown when she unwittingly confided her plans to a DefCon insider, resulting in scores of hackers and other reporters pursuing her through the conference car park armed with video cameras.
DefCon is an annual conference of computer hackers and one wouldn't normally complain about the media going after them. However, Madigan wasn't pursuing hackers:

The conference is known to be attended by federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI so that their operatives, who go undercover, can learn about the latest techniques of computer criminals... Madigan was attempting to out just such a federal agent...
Way to go, media - attend an organised crime gang conference and try to expose an undercover cop.

-- Nick

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