Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little Monsters Inc

Career criminal:

An alcoholic nine-year-old boy who waged a two-year crime spree has become Victoria's youngest prisoner... The boy, who began offending at the age of seven, came to police notice 35 times in two years, but he could not be charged because of his age. His crimes included car theft, stealing from cars and chroming and was also a suspect in a violent assault while on a train. The boy taunted police who arrested him, telling them he knew he could not be charged.
Victoria's Opposition community services spokeswoman plans to ask why welfare authorities didn't intervene.

However, such questions presuppose a breakdown of the system when, in fact, the system is operating entirely as a reasonable person would expect it to, not only in Australia but on a global scale, after a 40 descent into political correctness.

Other recent examples:

THERE will be no criminal charges over the multiple stabbing of a woman by a seven-year-old boy... the boy’s mother would have faced more serious action if she failed to send her son to school.
This UK Liverpool Echo story is via The Policeman's Blog where PC David Copperfield writes:

Meanwhile, Thames Valley Police are seeking a man who sexually assaulted Sue Turton by pinching her on the bum while she reported on the flooding in Oxford, although to get the detection they've decided to give him an £80.00 ticket under the Public Order Act. Sue, who's clearly sane and has better things to do with her time has declined to assist the police, but a detection's still a detection, even if it's an £80.00 ticket.
From the UK Telegraph:

Social services yesterday admitted failings in the case of a four-year-old girl murdered by her mother and her boyfriend, a cannabis addict.
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