Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meet The Flintstones

Apparently there is something wrong because one-in-four Aussies would rather not have homosexuals as neighbours:

Prof Mangan is co-author of a paper interpreting statistics from the Human Beliefs and Values Survey, conducted in 24 Western countries between 1999 and 2002.

He said the results showed anti-gay prejudice was by no means confined to Australia.

"The conclusion is the most prevalent form of bigotry is homophobia," he said.

"It's everybody except Scandinavians, so it's not a particularly Australian thing."
Oh, well that's comforting I guess.

Pehaps the reason for the mistrust might be incidents like these:

TWO paedophiles who dragged a teenage boy off the street and used him as a sex slave have been found guilty of planning to kill the 14-year-old, dump his body in bushland and dissolve it with acid.

A jury today took five hours to decide the men were determined to carry out a "sick fantasy" of raping the boy and then murdering him so he could not reveal their identities to police.

Robbie Sebastian Wheeler, 43, and his boyfriend Victor Leslie Urquhart, 46, have been on trial in the West Australian District Court after pleading not guilty to conspiring to kill the then 14-year-old boy.

The lovers had both pleaded guilty to kidnapping, indecently dealing with and sexually penetrating him between August 30 and September 19, 2005.
Or that no matter how 'tolerant' we try to be we innately recognise that those who identify as homosexual exhibit a wide range of mental illnesses and deviant habits.

-- Nora

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