Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dogs Eats Journalist's Homework

Felicity Hetherington would likely be the first to sue if a train driver with impaired vision had a crash and she were injured. Doesn't stop her or her smug, superior journo mates taking the mickey though:

Second most popular story of the week was just as unlikely but unfortunately true, with news that Sydney train drivers were getting off work mid-shift with ripper excuses like being blinded by a sausage roll or punching oneself in the nose while trying to close a window.
Hetherington's original tale is snide:

The Daily Telegraph has obtained a long list of dubious – sometimes comical – excuses used by Sydney train drivers and guards for getting off work mid-shift. "Driver reports eye injury most likely sustained whilst eating a hot sausage roll . . . he has sensitive eyes and may have rubbed an irritant into them during crib," one report noted. It does not detail whether tomato sauce was the "irritant" in question. It is fair to assume passengers on that service were irritated by the subsequent 14-minute delay that resulted from the sausage roll fiasco.
And her blog on the topic accuses the train crews of lying outright:

Pull the other one
By Felicity Hetherington
Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 06:40am

Sydney train drivers have been coming up with some pretty imaginative excuses to get out of work: A train driver was replaced because he had an eyelash stuck in his eye, another one punched himself in the nose while trying to close a window, and a guard had an ambulance meet him at Marulan after a microwave meal burned his arm. What’s the best excuse you’ve come up with to stop working, or not even turn up to work?
Never done something dumb like accidentally wiping your eye after handling an onion, Felicity? No, of course not, you're too perfect.

Ever actually opened or closed a train cabin window? You've no idea. Push down to open, up to close train windows are a pain - literally. They're so stiff, crew members pulling up windows regularly lose their grip and smack themselves in the face.

So tell us, Felicity, what's the difference between a train driver and an airline pilot with one eye out of action?

Maybe a hundred or so less dead, smart arse.

-- Nick

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