Tuesday, April 17, 2007


AN Iraqi Muslim man allegedly raped a Muslim woman as "punishment" for her reading the Bible, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Campbelltown District Court in Sydney's west yesterday heard Abdul Reda Al Shawany twice sexually assaulted the woman, a practising Muslim, and then said to her: "Let your Jesus help you."
The heinous act speaks for itself but there are four things to note:

1. I thought a hajib was supposed to protect women from rape?

2. Muslims are encouraged in the Koran to read The Bible.

3. Jesus is supposed to be a revered prophet in Islam.

4. Al Shawany's barrister Chris Pike told the court his client was a hardworking businessman with close ties to the community who strenuously denied the charges.

"My client is not a zealot," Mr Pike said.
Oh yes he is. And he's not alone.

-- Nora

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