Sunday, April 08, 2007

At The Coming Up Of The Sun

Channel 7 is trying to squirm out of a rising storm over negotiations between the network and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd's office to stage a fake Anzac Day memorial service to meeting the prime morning ratings period.

The story is raising a lot of comments early on, including this history lesson on Grandma Rudd:

This is an absoloute disgrace. Rudd did exactly the same thing at Isurava last year. Rudd, Joe Hockey and Koch walked to Kokoda Trail from Owers Corner to Isurava with an entourage of 150 odd people making a royal mess of the track for all those coming behind them. At the Isurava Memorial on Anzac Day the mob he had hired to walk them over the trail tried to exclude everyone else from the Memorial and they all donned 'Executive Excellence' t-shirts to get the maximum exposure on Sunrise. That was all well and good...but imagine everyone's horror when they told everyone that dawn service was delayed so Kochy could do a live cross! Next...having gained all the commericial value out fo the stunt possible...Kochy, Rudd and Joe Hockey all got in a point in walking all the way to Kokoda when you had already milked the event for all it was worth! Well done may have got away with this sort of rubbish at Isurava where there were no veterans of an age appropriate enough to push you off the edge...but I would interested to see how you go trying to pull the same thing at Long Tan. Anzac Day is not about furthering your own commerical or political agenda.
Posted by: Fox Hound of Brisbane 6:30am today
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Meanwhile, one predicts that Sunrise host David Koch will be a celebrity candidate for Labor at some future date.

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