Friday, January 19, 2007

The Toxic Avenger

Prime Minister John Howard is criticised by Muslim community leaders for taping a message of support for a multidenominational Australia Day gathering of Christians:

Mr (Yasser) Soliman, a member of the PM's Muslim Community Reference Group, said Mr Howard should think twice about addressing the group. "It is a dangerous thing for a senior politician to do," he said. "I can't stop the Prime Minister addressing who he wants to, but he should be very cautious, especially with groups which have a history of toxic-hate speech."
While Muslim leaders are free to call for jihad against the kuffirs, the Christians accused of 'toxic-hate speech' had to face court - but the case was ultimately thrown out:

Last month the Victorian Court of Appeal threw out the charges brought in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal which had sought to jail Pastor Nalliah and Daniel Scot for allegedly inciting hatred, contempt, revulsion and ridicule of Muslims.
The 'inciting hatred, contempt, revulsion and ridicule of Muslims' was to quote directly from the Koran.

Soliman is correct when he suggests the PM should be cautious with groups that have a history of toxic-hate speech.

He should disband the Muslim Community Reference Group immediately.

-- Nick

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