Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dinner At Eight

Welcome to The Thin Man's first remote post.

We're blogging from dear friends of the Charles', Incog and Neto from Highland Warriors.

Incog has gently chided me for being remiss on supplying the cocktails of late and I'm afraid my own excuse is that work has been extraordinary busy.

Mr Incog, a well travelled gent, has obtained a fabulous reproduction edition of the seminar cocktail guide, The Savoy Cocktail Book.

It is my pleasure to offer not one but two fine cocktail selections that we are planning to imbibe tonight.

One Exciting Night
1 Dash Orange Juice
1/3 French Vermouth
1/3 Italian Vermouth
1/3 Plymouth Gin
Shake well and strain into Port Wine Glass. Squeeze lemon peel on top. Frost edge of glass with castor sugar.

Savoy Hotel Special Cocktail (no.2)
2 Dashes Dubonnet
1/3 French Vermouth
2/3 Plymouth Gin
Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Squeeze orange peel on top.
-- Nora

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