Friday, January 26, 2007

Contradiction In Terms

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has caved to homosexual activists and nixed pleas by the Catholic Church to be allowed to refuse placing children with same-sex couples through their adoption agencies.

The Catholic Church says it may may now be forced to close its agencies in the UK, as did the US wing of the church.

Homosexual rights groups, predictably:

protested that the Church was "blackmailing" the Government.
...while conveniently ignoring the fact that there are many other adoption agencies they could go to who take a much more politically correct and less morally principled stand on the issue.

Meanwhile, Blair comes out with this contradictory doozy:

"I have always personally been in favour of the right of gay couples to adopt. Our priority will always be the welfare of the child," he said.
If welfare of children is the priority, the last thing one should be doing is placing already traumatised children in homosexual households:

In 1999, homosexual activist Dan Savage published the book, The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Get Pregnant - An Adoption Story. The author comments:

"Having children is no longer about propagating the species... [it is] something for grownups to do, a pastime, a hobby. So why not kids? Gay men need hobbies, too. …. I've done drag. I did Barbie drag, dominatrix drag, nun drag, and glamour drag. Now I'm going to do dad drag."
American website the Child Welfare Information Gateway - an organisation with an apparently somewhat Nineteen Eighty-Four reverse meaning name - had its own Blair moment in 2000 when it stated:

The bulk of evidence to date indicates that children raised by gay and lesbian parents are no more likely to become homosexual than children raised by heterosexuals. As one researcher put it, "If heterosexual parenting is insufficient to ensure that children will also be heterosexual, then there is no reason to conclude that children of homosexuals also will be gay".
But surely logic would suggest that if the majority of heterosexual parents produce heterosexual children, then homosexual parents will produce homosexuals.

Just ask Ry and Cade, two unfortunate young women featured in:

...a recent article, "Growing Up With Mom and Mom," published in the October 24 issue of The New York Times Magazine, (in which) Susan Dominus tells the story of two girls, Ry and Cade, who were artificially conceived and raised by a lesbian couple.

The story of these girls could not be more poignant. Having reached adulthood, one daughter became a lesbian and the other, though heterosexual, lives in a continuous state of tension between her formation and her own feelings. Dominus writes:

"Sometimes when she's with her boyfriend, she [Ry] told me the first night we met, 'I feel guilty about how much privilege I feel as a straight couple, but I also love the privilege. …. At the same time, it's like this nightmare to be totally absorbed into this stupid straight world.' She made a face, half-sticking her tongue out. 'So at the same time, it's sad for me. I feel like I'm losing something else.''

She narrates her intimate struggle:

''It took me a lot of struggle to realize that I really was attracted to men, yet now it is really hard for me to deal with men as human beings, let alone sexually.'' Further on, Ry reports about how she was intrigued but ''repulsed'' by heterosexual relations, afraid of the 'sexist soul-losing domain of oppression.' Her parting thought: 'I cannot understand or relate to men because I am so immersed in gay culture and unfamiliar with what it is to have a healthy straight relationship.'"
Furthermore, there is no 'bulk of evidence' supporting the supposedly benign nature of homosexual households.

When Robert Lerner, Ph.D, and Althea Nagai, Ph.D. evaluated studies favouring adoption by homosexuals, they found them fatally flawed:

Completely misconstrue and thus blatantly misuse the standard logic of statistical hypothesis testing (e.g., they attempt to affirm the null hypothesis, which is wrong; one can only fail to reject the null hypothesis) - Fail to use proper or even any control groups - Use wildly unrepresentative nonrandom samples - Use far too few cases to draw any valid conclusions - Fail to control for essential variables when presenting their findings - misanalyses its own data, which in fact show that the daughters of lesbian couples are more likely to engage in lesbian sexual experimentation as adults than are the daughters of heterosexual couples.
The greatest irony of the growing Church versus State clash in the UK is that it finds some Anglicans and the majority of Catholics on common ground with an unexpected third group:

The Muslim Council of Britain said it fully supported the "principled stand" by the Church leaders.
The Muslim Council of Britain would also fully support stoning homosexuals to death.

The Catholics just want to stop state sponsored child abuse.

-- Nick

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