Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Labor's Multicultural Fantasy

PM John Howard drops the word multicultural from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, renames it the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the predictable whinging begins.

Labor's multicultural affairs puppet, Laurie Ferguson, indulges in a little of the Leftist's favourite activity, a hate fantasy:

“Mr Howard is ... a person who expressed great amazement when the first Italian moved opposite his house and he saw them tiling their front patio,”...
Then he claims:

“This is going to force certain rules, force people down certain lines, and force people to have some sort of conformity which is just not viable,” he said.
It's all moot. Multiculturalism is dead whether John Howard says so or not:

In another scene, a map of Australia is overlaid with the red, white and green of the Lebanese flag and the words "Under new management".
It would certainly appear so.

-- Nick

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