Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let Them Eat Cod

There's something fishy about global warming:

PARTS of the North Atlantic are setting winter heat records, allowing species ranging from swordfish to jellyfish to thrive beyond their normal ranges in a shift linked by many scientists to global warming... "The global oceans have been warming since the middle 1970s and several studies have shown that the warming can be attributed to a human-produced signal," said James Hurrell of the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research.
No explanation of course for the final paragraph:

Not all is gloom, however. In a sign of how higher temperatures might help some fish stocks, a period of warmer waters in the 1920s allowed cod to spawn off Greenland and let a new stock break away from Icelandic waters. In the cooler 1960s, cod were unable to reproduce off Greenland and the stock collapsed.
-- Nick

UPDATE: More of the same kind of thing:

OBESE patients hospitalised with heart failure tend to fare better than their lean counterparts, new research suggests.

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