Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Lack Of Priorities

Police detected 26 people carrying illegal drugs into a public dance party in Melbourne - and let them all go:

Although not charged, they were cautioned and directed to a drug diversion program, the spokeswoman said.
But wash your car in Melbourne and:

Victorian households face $430 on-the-spot fines
...and may have their water virtually cut off, all enforced by a special squad of:

...140 inspectors... patrolling suburban streets... with the power to issue on-the-spot fines and even cut supply to households flouting tough new water restrictions.

As Victoria and South Australia began stage three water restrictions, limiting sprinkler use and watering times for residents and businesses, water inspectors toured Melbourne hunting down water wasters.

Water authorities said using the "fairly drastic" powers to reduce supply to a trickle for households that refused to reduce water use was a last resort aimed at those with an "obvious disregard to the restrictions".
But Victoria's government has no problems with illegal drug users with an "obvious disregard to the restrictions".

-- Nick

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