Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Wrath of God

Saudi ferry sinks.

In other related news, Muslims have officially declared war on the West.

The pictures speak a thousand words.

In New Zealand, they're still just threatening boycotts:

New Zealand Federation of Islamic Associations president Javed Khan said the decision by The Dominion Post to publish the cartoons could have "serious repercussions" for New Zealand's economy... We won't call for a boycott, and we don't want to see one, but news gets around the world pretty quickly. Muslims will make their own decisions and as you know, they've taken drastic action against Denmark."
Dominion Post editor Tim Pankhurst does an excellent impression of a man standing on his hind legs with his response:

"We do not wish to be deliberately provocative but neither should we allow ourselves to be intimidated. If we allow Christianity and more particularly the Catholic Church and the Pope to be satirised, and we do, should Islam be treated differently?" he asked. appeared to be inviting a fatwa against it with a link in the above article to another site carrying the cartoons.

But lo and behold, click on the link to and you get the following message and link:

2 February 2006
These cartoons are from a site which has gone down since January 31, 2006:
You can find the cartoons for real here.

-- Nick

UPDATE: An object lesson above in 'Always Check The Source'. The quotes from Dominion Post editor Tim Pankhurst were those included in the article. But on later reading the full piece in Dominion Post, one found that, shortly after struggling to his feet, Pankhurst dropped back on all fours:

"In its pure form Islam is a religion based on peace and tolerance. This is a test of that tolerance."
Sorry old chum, in it's pure form, Islam is a religion of hate and oppression. And it's failed the tolerance test:

Muslim anti-cartoon protesters demonstrate their tolerence in London (AP Photo)

UPDATE 2: An excellent round-up of the full story of the Mohammed cartoons TCS Daily contributing writer Val MacQueen.

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