Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Sequel

It's amazing how particular posts take on a life all of their own, even after everyone else has moved on.

On November 20, Nicky wrote a post called A Tragedy In Three Acts pointing out the inappropriate overreaction to the death of a child, killed after running out into the middle of the road which resulted in the mob violence and an innocent driver being beaten.

Those involved in the beating were Bosnian Muslims, friends and relatives of the child.

Witness the reaction in the comments. The most recent of which is Danniela posted yesterday, January 31.

Now with all the ususal disclaimers that the death of the four-year-old girl was an tragic event, Nicky's comments about inappropriate reactions are well proven.

-- Nora

UPDATE: Nicky sets the record straight:

...That's the thing about this country - you never know where the person you're talking to came from. It could be the old man who wet himself with fear as an 18 year old Polish resistance fighter during a Nazi house search; it could be a South American teenager whose view from her apartment window was the bodies of death squad victims on the street below; it could be a Christian who fled violent oppression by Muslims in Lebanon...
An outstanding response from my husband.

Read all of it.

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