Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Very Happy John

John Howard is considered Australia's best prime minister of the modern era.

...the Prime Minister received a resounding vote over Mr Hawke in the Newspoll survey when people were asked which of six prime ministers had done the best job for Australia.

Mr Howard got 32 per cent support, Mr Hawke 18 per cent, Menzies 13 per cent, Paul Keating 11 per cent, Mr Whitlam 8 per cent and Mr Fraser 4 per cent.
That sounds about right.

Howard has precided over almost a decade of economic prosperity, introduced tax reform and boosted national security.

The Hawke-Keating Government of the 1980s was the right government for the time. While high interest rates and high unemployment rates were certainly no fun, the industrial relations reforms set the stage for the business building of the past decade.

In last place, where he should be, is Malcolm Fraser who achievements were.... um, I actually can't think of any.

-- Nora

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