Sunday, February 12, 2006

Three Rs: Ramshackle Reading Rapped

That vociferous leftie lobbying group known as 'educators' has lost an ally in The Queensland Government, reports The Sunday Mail:

THE State Government has launched an urgent overhaul of child literacy as a former education boss accuses Queensland schools of failing students.

Education Minister Rod Welford (pictured) told The Sunday Mail the reforms would target reading, writing and spelling skills amid widespread public concern about falling standards.

The announcement came as Colin Lamont, former state chairman of the Australian Council for Education Standards, warned our children had been "dumbed down" and today's students would be no match for their counterparts of 50 years ago.
Ah, it was only two weeks ago that Welford was its staunchest defender against that interfering Federal Government:

State Education Minister Rod Welford said Mr Howard was ill-informed about what was actually happening in the classroom.

"The active teaching of Australian history is central to the curriculum, at least here in Queensland," he said.

"The suggestion that Queensland students are in some way missing out in an understanding of history is utterly misconstrued."

Mr Welford said Mr Howard's comments were a continuation of ideological interference by the Federal Government.
Let's talk about ideology shall we?

While I'm more than happy to admit that there are plenty of terrific people doing a great job teaching our children, much of their work is hamstrung by the moral equivalence peddled by curriculum developers.

It is what is seriously wrong with the way history is taught and it has also afflicted other humanities subjects like English. Imagine how such equivalence would affect other subjects like maths:



Because I feel like it today. My feelings are valid.

It's wrong.

That's just your opinion and one person's opinion is no better than anyone else's.
Childish, isn't it?

But that's what you get from people who have never left school.

-- Nora

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