Sunday, October 14, 2007

Six Weeks To Hell?

Powerful, powerful commentary on Kevin Rudd: initial admiration for Rudd, the man, has diminished over the past nine months until I have the gravest concerns about his fitness to head a political party, let alone run this nation.

My main concerns about his character relate to what I perceive to be an unalloyed ruthlessness, a lack of his loyalty to anything but his own short-term political ambitions and his projection of a carefully constructed image that has little or nothing to do with Rudd the man.
If you're in any doubt which way you'll be voting in six weeks, click on the links and read the whole article.

In fact, if you don't doubt you'll vote Labor, read it - it may be your last chance to make a truly informed decision.

And if you choose not to read the whole thing, then know this:

It is, however, Rudd's consistent refusal to address grave concerns about the so-called Heiner Affair which bring so many of the question marks about his character together in my mind.

Last week, Peter Coyne, the former manager of the dysfunctional youth detention centre at the heart of the child sex abuse and document shredding scandal, told The Australian that concerns about Rudd's possible role in the destruction of material known to be wanted as evidence were first made in the early 1990s.

According to the reporter, Coyne said the worries were raised at a meeting with two union officials looking after his (Rudd's) interests, but "only in the sense that he was ruining the (Queensland) public service".

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