Saturday, October 27, 2007

Magistrate Senses Distress

A graffiti vandal who flies interstate with his mates to deface trains punches a rail cop who is arresting him. His kit includes cans of spray paint and videos of them vandalising trains. He is 18. In the eyes of society he is an adult.

The magistrate bails him:

(She) said the alleged offences had a social and financial impact but (the accused) was young and vulnerable. "It is sensible to form the view he is likely to have experienced quite a deal of distress . . . as a result of his overnight stay (in custody)."
Home and business owners experience 'quite a deal of distress' when their property is attacked and defaced; rate and taxpayers experience 'quite a deal of distress' at the millions of their dollars it costs to clean up afterwards; police experience 'quite a deal of distress' as mature organised crime gangs start adopting junior organised crime gangs - graffiti 'crews' - to distribute drugs and commit break-ins; even graffiti vandals' own girlfriends experience 'quite a deal of distress' when they are raped as punishment for their boyfriends tagging in others' 'territory'.

-- Nick

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