Saturday, October 27, 2007

Contrast And Compare

'Crazy' John Ilhan, the entrepreneur who died at the age of 42 this week, was a good Australian and a dearly loved husband:

Mr Ilhan, whose mobile phone retail chain built his fortune to an estimated $310m, gave millions to charity and sponsored many sports... Mrs Ilhan described her husband as the family's "inspiration and rock". "He loved his family more than anything. We always came first. I will remember we were true soulmates – he always knew what I was thinking."
At his funeral:

In keeping with Muslim tradition, (Ilhan's widow and their three daughters) and other women were asked to move away from the coffin so prayers could begin.
Mr Ilhan's son - being male - would have been allowed to stay.

Mrs Ilhan would likely also not have been allowed graveside at the burial of her husband.

One hopes to see some discussion of this in the mainstream media in weeks to come.

-- Nick

Update: Obfuscation redux. Subtle. 'Crazy John farewelled in style':

MOURNERS in their thousands, from close friends to complete strangers, bore tearful witness yesterday as Patricia Ilhan bid farewell to her soulmate. Shielded behind a pink headscarf and sunglasses, the widow of mobile phone millionaire John Ilhan led their three young daughters through the grieving throng to his casket.

Then, in keeping with Muslim tradition, they moved away so prayers could begin. (Emphasis added)

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