Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kill The Monster!

Welcome to Gattaca:

SHORT men are more likely to be sexually attracted to children than their taller peers, according to a new Canadian study of the biological roots of pedophilia... The same scientific team previously found that pedophiles "have lower IQs, are three times more likely to be left-handed, failed school grades significantly more frequently, and suffered more head injuries as children."
Quick - better arrest that stupid left-handed short guy before he molests your kids. In fact, why not just put them down as soon as it's obvious they're not going to be 'tall enough'?

Meanwhile, the leader of the team of would-be eugenicists who came up with the findings still wants his pound of flesh:

"This research does not mean that pedophiles are not criminally responsible for their behavior," said lead researcher James Cantor. "But the discovery of biological markers for pedophilia has important implications for future study and possibly treatment."
Make up your mind - are paedophiles criminals or biologically ill? Do we wish to punish or treat, imprison or hospitalise?

-- Nick

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