Friday, October 19, 2007

Enabling Crime

A 16-year-old boy is shot dead in Sheffield, England:

Douglas Johnson, an advice worker (Is that a real job? - Ed), said: "This is what happens when drug dealing activity goes on. Kids get involved and start playing with guns." As well as being the 11th teenager to be shot dead in Britain this year, Jonathan is the 53rd to be murdered. Most have been knifed, but the growing number of gun deaths has alarmed police.
No wonder it's alarmed police (or rather their political masters) - the knee-jerk, PC banning of all guns in England was supposed to end gun crime.

Instead, 11 years later, children shoot each in drive-bys on their push bikes.

Meanwhile, another London Telegraph journalist notes:

It's Victorian England in reverse: the super-rich work long hours, toiling into the night in sweatshop city offices. They are under-nourished and scrawny, cycle to work, breed lots of children and are obsessed with their offspring's education, pushing them to study until their eyes ache. The super-poor, meanwhile, lead the life of the rentier. They sit around all day with little to do except eat cakes, growing larger and larger, alternately ignoring and indulging their children, and allowing them to roam their estate waving guns.
... and makes the un-PC observation:

If these children have no future except handouts, it is likely that they are going to look for stimulation and respect from other quarters... More than 60 years of welfare have forced generations of families into dependency and taken away a sense of responsibility. The welfare system has become a trap rather than a safety net...
-- Nick

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