Saturday, July 07, 2007

What Do You Call People Who Hang Around With Musicians?

The Daily Telegraph's Kathy McCabe asks the Live Earth Sydney acts some questions about their green credentials including:

What is your favourite green anthem and if you don't have one, what song do you think could easily be adapted as the theme of climate change?
To which Missy Higgins' response:

"Kermit The Frog's It Ain't Easy Bein' Green. What an anthem." beaten soundly into second place for sheer dumb-assery by Ghostwriters' Rob Hirst:

"Green Green Grass Of Home was clearly a stoner anthem of the '70s but could become a modern carbon footprint dance floor hit."
The Green Green Grass Of Home, written by Claude Putman Jr and a major hit for Tom Jones in 1966, is a country song about a man who wakes from a dream of happier days to realise he is in jail and condemned to be executed for murder in the morning. (Lyrics | Wikipedia entry)

Whether or not Hirst, the former drummer for Midnight Oil, was being humorous is irrelevant. His and Higgins' facile responses add weight to recent criticism by more sensible members of their professional peer group.

-- Nick

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