Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rare Byrd

US Senator Robert Byrd is a Democrat with a difference - he supports the death penalty, or at least won't vote against it:

...Byrd is among this set, failing to lend support to the Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act.
In fact, he wants to extend it:

...Byrd weighed into the dog-fighting scandal surrounding gridiron star Michael Vick yesterday by raising the prospect of execution for offenders. The 89-year-old Democrat said he had witnessed one execution but wouldn't mind seeing another "if it involves this cruel, sadistic, cannibalistic business of training innocent, vulnerable creatures to kill".
Wouldn't be at all surprised if there are plenty of Byrd's buddies on the left who would agree with the aged animal lover's sentiment - but oppose the idea of putting down those who viciously and wantonly kill other human beings.

-- Nick

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