Sunday, July 22, 2007

Softly, Softly Targets

Drat. I lost a bet.

Nicky said nearly five years ago that if terrorists were plotting action in Australia that it would be on the Gold Coast, possibly during Schoolies Week.

I disagreed citing Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane as more likely targets:

POLICE are investigating whether Mohamed Haneef was part of a planned terrorist attack on a landmark building at the Gold Coast.

Australian Federal Police are examining images of the building and its foundations found among documents and photographs seized in a police raid on the doctor's Southport unit three weeks ago.
The landmark building is likely to be the Q1 in the suburb of Surfers Paradise, currently the world's tallest residential tower.

D'you think the Gold Coast Bulletin has 'caught up' yet?

-- Nora

Update: The incriminating photos don't exist. So how did the story come about? Was it Chinese whispers amongst 'sources' and journalists? Or are Haneef's lawyers spreading more misinformation to white-ant the case against their client?

-- Nick

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