Friday, July 13, 2007

The Answer Is No

Illegal alien queue jumper from New Zealand sets up a false identity and defrauds Social Security of $304,000 over 22 years:

Defence lawyer Brenda Duchen asked the judge to consider Ms Anderson's involvement in an abusive relationship, and that the money had been spent on daily necessities...
That excuse cuts no ice.

Plenty of people overcome abusive relationships and raise their children without resorting to stealing about $12,667 every year from the taxpayers of Australia over almost a quarter of a century.

"She gave a false name and applied for a benefit under that name to support herself and her children,: Ms Duchen told the Downing Centre District Court. "

It is likely she will be deported ... it is highly unlikely she will be allowed to remain in Australia," she also said.

Ms Anderson, who pleaded guilty to the charges, told the court she was "very remorseful" for what she had done.
More like remorseful that she got caught.

-- Nora

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