Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Same Old Song

The predictable reaction after being caught trying to murder people:

Concerns have been raised that Haneef's arrest could spark public outrage against foreign-trained doctors, particularly those with a Muslim background.
They've feared it before:

Australian Muslims are being warned to be vigilant following the Bali attack.
And before that, pre-Bali:

... NSW Supreme Islamic Council president Gabor Elgafi said... the community was living the daily effects of being under suspicion since the September 11 attacks. "The whole world is looking at Muslims now as a threat ... we are portrayed as terrorists."
One can't imagine why.

Mr Elgafi said his son, who is a doctor, was strip-searched had his bag emptied twice over a two-hour period after returning from overseas.
A doctor, eh? But that should place him above suspicion...

-- Nick

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