Saturday, June 30, 2007

Who Told You To Settle?

It's preposterous and scandalous.

They're the heated words from the lawyer of ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak who's dismayed by the media's fixation on one part of a love-triangle gone wrong.

THE attorney for former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak said his client's right to a fair trial is being jeopardized by a "big lie" that she wore a diaper during a nonstop 1530km drive to confront a romantic rival.

Ms Nowak, who flew on a space shuttle mission last year, was arrested on February 6 in Orlando on charges of assaulting and trying to kidnap an Air Force captain she saw as competition for the affections of fellow astronaut William Oefelein.
And the lawyer is not impressed:

“It holds my client up to ridicule.

"It jeopardises our ability to pick a jury.

"It jeopardises our ability to get a fair trial when the client is the butt of jokes.” (ha, ha, the butt of jokes -- Nora)

Mr (Donald) Lykkebak limited questions from reporters and was vague on whether Ms Nowak ever used a diaper on her drive, but said that prosecutors have not entered a diaper as evidence in the case.

“The officer did not investigate the diaper. The diaper is not in evidence,” Mr Lykkebak said.

“If the diaper was important, why was it not in evidence?

"Why didn't the officer seize it and investigate it?”
Sounds like this lawyer attended the Jackie Chiles school of lawyering.

It's outrageous, egregious, preposterous.

-- Nora

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