Saturday, June 09, 2007

School For Scandal

Just as the ancient Greeks eagerly awaited the latest scroll "νέος ιδέα" to hit the papyrus stands to find out what their favourite god or godess was up to, we too appear to fascinated by 21st century demigods from Mount Hollywood.

Hitting the headlines today:

A LOS ANGELES judge has ordered a screaming and crying Paris Hilton back to jail to finish a sentence for probation violation, overturning a decision by the LA Sheriff's Department to have the celebrity heiress serve the sentence at home for medical reasons.

BRITISH pop star George Michael has been banned from driving for two years and sentenced to 100 hours' community service after pleading guilty to driving while unfit through drugs.
The cult of celebrity has been often bandied about as a superficial explanation of our fascination with these quite obviously psychologically maladjusted people, but that hides a more serious issue.

Looking to celebrities for style and fashion tips is one thing, but asking them to comment on anything else just makes them and the interviewing journalist look silly.

While all of the above may seem terribly amusing - unless someone is killed, of course - there is a disturbing side effect of celebrity emulation.

It could be argued that the rise in eating disorders and binge drinking amongst young girls is a result of using celebrities as role models.

And while we're on the subject, can anyone name ten hot Hollywood names who can hold together a stable relationship? As an example, Kylie Minogue, who seems a nice enough person is nearing 40 and has never had a stable, long-term relationship. That's sad really.

While celebrities give us something to talk about, there needs to be a reminder that these people as we see them depicted on TV and celeb gossip mags are no more real and should be taken no more seriously than the ancient Greek gods on Olympus.

-- Nora

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