Friday, June 29, 2007

Can I Haz A Kitty?

As many people know, Nicky and I try to be fastidious with our spelling and grammar. Nick is more successful at this than me.

However, the English language is ever changing and even incorrectly spelled words when done for a reason can be a valid form of communication.

And, thanks to the Internet, this phenomenon can spread virally - particularly amongst English speakers who in this particular case appear to share in this universal joke.

The joke is I Can Has Cheezburger, a blog which posts cute pictures of animals with captions in a childish voice or English as a second language syntax. For the over 35s think Mind Your Language with animals instead of people and without the racist overtones.

Nick and I came across a variation of this some weeks ago with I Has A Bucket, which has now been adopted into everyday conversation (strangely enough the joke hasn't worn out in our household yet, which may be part of the appeal of this and I Can Has Cheezburger).

So, enjoy this links and smile this Friday with a kitty who may be forced to consider his 'lifetime rating one'.

-- Nora

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