Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wet Between The Ears

The Gold Coast is currently on Level 3 water restrictions that ban, among other things, the use of hoses for anything, except perhaps trying to stop your home from burning down.

The Gold Coast City Council takes it's responsibility to save water very seriously. That's why they've issued a call to residents to dob in wasteful neighbours. How very Australian. And if they catch you in the act of using a hose - or even just having one connected to a tap - they'll write out an on the spot fine for $150 for a first offence.

There's a glorious irony in their instruction:

Always use a bucket... when washing your car.
Even taking the greatest care not to waste too much, it takes nine nine-litre buckets of water or 63 litres to wash a car properly with due regard to avoiding paint damage.

It takes just 27 litres using a hose with a nozzle trigger.

-- Nick

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