Sunday, July 30, 2006

Go Ahead And Pull A Pan Of Boiling Water Over Yourself

With children behaving badly, there seem to be more and more calls for parents to be held accountable for the criminal behaviour of their offspring.

But how can you hold someone accountable for letting their kids get out of control when you criminalise the means to control them?:

Parents must be banned from inflicting even the mildest of smacks on their children because it breaches human rights legislation, says a report today.
British author and commentator Lynette Burrows supports smacking children and even Prime Minister Tony Blair admits he's done it.

Burrows posits a disturbing view of some children's rights lobby groups, promoting:

the 'right' of children to behave badly without any chastisement and the 'right' to enter into sexual relationships at any age, without the knowledge and consent of their parents. The agenda thus fits neatly with the stated aims of paedophile organisations which realised long ago that the only way to obtain access to children was to persuade professionals and campaigning organisations to demands freedom for children from any form of restraint - a policy which leaves them exposed to the predatory behaviour of those who would harm them.
-- Nick

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