Sunday, July 02, 2006

House Arrest

TWO male housemates were thrown off Channel Ten's reality program Big Brother late yesterday after the alleged sexual assault of a female contestant.
Congratulations Channel 10, you and Dreamworld must be so proud.

Asked about the incident, an angry Tim Toni, Big Brother's executive producer, replied: "No comment, thanks for your interest."
No, thank you. Really.

You developed a TV show designed to bring out the worst excesses of half-witted twentysomethings and they lived up to expectation.

Even if no charges are filed against contestants or if they are found not guilty, both Channel 10 and Dreamworld have now left themselves open for a civil suit in the same way the P&O has in the Dianne Brimble case.

Perhaps Camilla will get a shot at a $1 million after all.

-- Nora

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