Monday, November 28, 2005

The Third Leading Cause Of Death

The Australian Medical Association wants to ban Parents and Citizens' Associations around Australia from selling chocolate because some kids are fat.

They also want vending machines in schools to sell only bottled water.

Perhaps someone should tell doctors that kids are fat because (a) they spend too much time sitting on their lard-asses watching TV and playing PlayStation in the middle of the day and (b) because their parents are so duped by media hysteria about a paedophile on every corner/obsessed with indulging their children's every lazy little whim that they won't let/make their obese offspring walk to school.

But would doctors listen? Probably not.

This is the simple-minded bunch whose professional organisation called for a ban on the sale of sharp kitchen knives because people get stabbed with them.

It's the same organisation which counsels law-abiding citizens against owning guns and wants a ban on boxing.

And, doubtless, it lobbied the Queensland Government to stop paying Fly Points on the sale of tobacco products from December this year.

It's also the same organisation whose members kill 14,000 to 18,000 people a year in Australia alone. In the US, these self-righteous killers with a God complex are the third leading cause of death. And from the UK, a doctor may be the worst serial killer in history.

I'd call them murderers but really they're just incompetent fascists.

-- Nick

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