Thursday, November 24, 2005

... And Act Like A Regular Lady

Wouldn't it be Lover-ly...

Fresh from the firey furnace that is Larvatus Prodeo discussing the hot button topic of rape, I came across this story:

Drunken teenage girls have been blamed for setting the standard in bad behaviour at Schoolies:

Drug Arm Australasia director Caroline Salom told The Sunday Mail: "It's often the behaviour of the girls that can determine things. If they get laddish or loutish, things can get out of control."

Volunteers who worked at last year's event warned girls were making themselves easy targets for predators by getting extremely drunk.

Of course rape is never, ever the victim's fault...

-- Nora

UPDATE: Very remiss of me to have not acknowledged JF Beck for pointing me to such fun. From which it seems, I've now been banned...

UPDATE II: Oh joy. it turned out that I wasn't banned, just a victim of wiggy comment posting. I have been roundedly spanked by Master Robert for not making that immediately clear on this site, although I did correct the record at Evil Pundit's. Sorry Master Robert, please tell me all is forgiven? :-)

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