Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Normality Please, We're Homosexual

There can't be much real news happening because Britain's Telegraph logged this sixth on it's on-line front page.

Nice to know we're concentrating on the important stuff, such as the sensitivities of a pack of self-entitled nascissistic exhibitionists.

-- Nick

Update: While reading a couple of columns by the intensely satirical Professor Mike Adams about lunacy in the US university system, one felt curious to delve into what was going on here in Australia. Here's an 'interesting' link to the University of Queensland website and a school 'outreach' program which uses the promotion of 'safer school communities' to cover an agenda of proselytisation among children. And before anyone suggests that's not what they're trying do, consider their field trips to other university campuses:

Queer bus trip and picnic
Starts: 04.03.05 11:00 AM
Ends: 04.03.05 06:00 PM

The Sodomobile Hits the Streets! Join us @ the Union carpark, for a convoy to far-flung campuses to Queer ‘em up. We have room for 8 in the union van and some of us will be bringing cars along. RSVP to Kris Coonan (Ph: 3377 2214; email by Wednesday 2nd March to make sure we can transport everyone! Picnic @ Toowoomba provided
Your tax dollars at work, your children at an institute of 'learning'.

But, of course, I'm only offended by this because there's something wrong with me.

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