Monday, November 07, 2005

Bali 9 Mum Indicted As Co-Conspirator

Only kidding.

But she ought to be. According to this news story:

Christine Rush, whose 19-year-old son Scott faces the firing squad if convicted of being a drug mule, said in an affidavit the family had pleaded for assistance with the AFP before (emphasis mine) he left Australia for Indonesia.

"The inaction of not warning our son, contrary to our request in Australia, shows a callous disregard for the life of an immature, untravelled Australian citizen," she said in the affidavit before the Federal Court in Darwin.

"He is now facing charges which carry a maximum penalty of the death sentence because of this inaction and so-called cooperation."
So mum, you knew about your son's drug trafficking habits before he left Australia and all you did was write a letter?

You show a callous disregard for the lives your son's filthy trade would have destroyed had he not been detected.

Shame on you.

-- Nora

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