Monday, November 21, 2005

Big Bother

Queensland Arts Minister Rod Welford admits the TV show Big Brother is "distasteful" (someone tell 'family' theme park Dreamworld, home of Wiggles World) but Welford has chosen to ignore two petitions from his constituents to withdraw Queensland texpayer funding from the sex and sleazefest show.

Jobs are more important.

However, his claim of 260 jobs created over the five years of the program is stretching the truth somewhat. Good friend Jai Normosone and commenter Nilknarf make the point in this regard.

Additionally, 260 over five years is 52 per season - and the fact is not all 52 would be employed at the same time, nor would any of them be full-time positions. Welford's 260 probably translates to a maximum 20 of what the public service refers to as 'FTE's - full-time equivalents.

Not exactly a good return on our 'investment'.

Welford was reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin (not archived so can't link) as saying he shared the approximately 4600 petitioners' concerns but if his government withdrew taxpayer support, we lose the production (and all those jobs) to NSW.

Meanwhile, the Queensland Government continues to spend more taxpayer money on other programs to discourage exactly the same kind of behaviour which Big Brother glorifies.

Guess which 'programs' get the most 'viewers'?

-- Nick

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