Saturday, September 16, 2006

Thick Mick

The Australian Government should sack Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty right now:

FEDERAL police commissioner Mick Keelty has (insisted)... Islamic Australia is not to blame for terrorism... Mr Keelty said racial profiling was self-defeating because it risked alienating mainstream Muslims while ignoring the real danger of homegrown non-Muslim terror.
Mainstream Muslims are alienated already - their religion is as alien to Australian culture in 2006 as is, say, the oppression of women up to and including murder, the sanctioned murder of children and execution for homosexuality.

Keelty goes on:

"I remind people that the firstperson who was convicted of a terrorist offence in Australia was a person with the unlikely name of Jack Roche," the police chief said.
And Roche was a Muslim convert. It's not hard to connect the dots.

How on Earth did Keelty get to the position he occupies today?

Then again, idiocy often rises to the top such as in NSW where Police Commission Peter Ryan emasculated the police force in the face of criminal/terrorist gangs.

Keelty goes from bad to worse:

"Some of the best examples of (terror originating beyond the Muslim community) are coming out of Canada and the UK where people have, for whatever reason, converted to Islam almost as a step towards committing a crime they probably would have committed anyway."

Social misfits were gravitating towards Islam as a justification for lashing out.
Social misfits are gravitating towards a religion that gives them the justification to commit mayhem but it's not the religion's fault?

"True Islam denounces murder, it is not practising the Koran to commit murder or to commit atrocities," he said.
This from our country's top cop.

I bet old Mick was a real pushover for the blaggers in the interview room back when he was doing real police work. No wonder he became a bureaucrat.

Sack him now. He's dangerous.

-- Nick

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