Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Dopes Of Rugby League

Thanks a bunch, Wendell Sailor:

SCHOOLBOY and social footballers face random drug tests in a statewide crackdown on rugby league drug cheats.

Following the high-profile cocaine cases of Wallaby rugby union winger Wendell Sailor and Cowboys rugby league prop Mitchell Sargent, anti-doping officials are turning their attention to amateur and school-based competitors.

The Australian Sport Anti-Doping Authority does not specify a minimum age and league officials are warning juniors as young as 14 to expect visits from drug-testers.
You can also expect even more kids to drop out of sports, not because they're drug cheats but because it's all getting too hard:

Cairns Brothers captain-coach Brad Arthur said he had warned his players that even taking a cold and flu tablet could be a risk.
and schools to drop league on pre-emptive PR grounds just in case any of the Under-15s test positive.

-- Nick

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