Monday, September 25, 2006

The Fight For The Right To Party

Does it seem like this is happening more often?

A 16-year-old youth has appeared in a Brisbane children's court charged with the bashing murder of a another teenage boy... A charge of grievous bodily harm was upgraded to murder last night... He was left in a coma with a fractured skull after being punched unconscious and then kicked in the head outside an 18th birthday party in Alexandra Hills, in Brisbane's east, late on Saturday.

It is:

...violence is getting worse and the chances of criminals being caught are lower than ever.
Among the reasons:

Grange identified an obvious cause: the surge in binge drinking, suggesting it exposed both male and female victims to much higher risk and disinhibited perpetrators. Matt Baggott, Leicestershire's chief constable (believed) changes in youth culture and alcohol consumption were the underlying cause...

All but one of seven judges I interviewed - who spoke on condition of anonymity - shared this analysis. 'My feeling is that people go further than they used to... Violence cases are much nastier. Perpetrators have drawn and used knives more often. If there's a mob, they've all kicked the victim's head.'

Like the chief constables, a female judge at one of the country's busiest crown courts blamed changing social mores and alcohol. 'In the Eighties, the pubs shut at 11pm and the clubs by 1am or 2am. There were no alcopops, and women didn't start the evening by knocking back a series of double-measure shorts. Now, with dance music, ecstasy, and much harder drinking, young people are accustomed to staying out all night. The behaviour of women has changed especially: they're much more sexually aggressive and aggressive generally; some are armed. We see people accused of committing serious violence that we never saw 20 years ago, and some of them are women. At the same time, they are being exposed to much greater risks.'
-- Nick

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