Monday, March 20, 2006

They're Just Wild About Larry

Larry's calling card. Picture from Alejo Molano_News Limited picture
Cyclone Larry, believed to be the most powerful cyclone ever to hit a Queensland population centre, has left tremendous damage but at this point there appears to be no loss of life, nor serious injuries.

Sadly, the primary producers in the region have had their crops almost completely devastated.

On top of everything else, the people of Far North Queensland also bracing themselves for another cyclone which is on its way from Fiji.

Our thoughts and prayers go to those in Far North Queensland who have lost homes, but we're thankful that so many people are safe.

If you wish to assist in any way, The Queensland Government has set up a disaster relief fund.

Also the Australian Red Cross is on its way to help and is taking donations.

-- Nora

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