Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Aged Paedophile Issues Fatwa

No, it's not the usual suspect.

It's feminist hack Germaine Greer, calling for an army of outraged women to smash the windows of car dealerships:

"Why haven't plate glass windows in Holden showrooms been exploding all over Australia?"
What has GMH done to deserve the wrath of The Female Eunuch?

Professor Greer has taken aim at the company over an ad which shows a woman asking her partner about his fantasies before he drifts off on a daydream about "doing daring things in a four-wheel drive" with another woman by his side.
Having lowered the standards of her gender, the professorial paedophile would probably have approved if the fantasy-querying wife was anticipating an invitation to a threesome with the anonymous other woman.

-- Nick

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