Monday, March 27, 2006

A Drink Too Fargus

Commonwealth Games gold medallist Joanna Fargus has withdrawn her allegation that her drink was spiked at a post-Games party:

Fellow swimmer Leisel Jones described the incident, which occurred during Games celebrations, as "appalling". "It's very scary and that's probably the reason why I haven't really gone out," she said on Southern Cross Radio today. "It is something that's very scary and I think it's very invasive and it makes you so vulnerable.

"It is appalling and I'd just hate to be in her shoes but I know all the girls in the swimming team have supported her, they all looked after her and got her home, got her in to bed and have really, really looked after her."

Australian Games team chef de mission John Devitt today said Fargus, the 200m backstroke champion, felt "dizzy and nauseous" while out at a Melbourne club with teammates late on Saturday night.

"Joanna was assisted immediately by ambulance officers and the management of the swimming team was notified," Devitt said.

"Joanna and her teammates returned to the village where she was examined by the team's medical staff. It is believed her drink may have been spiked."
Maybe she was just pissed:

...(of) 97 study subjects presenting to hospital for suspected spiking, most were females under 25 and the average BAC was 0.2, four times the legal driving limit in Australia.
Fargus is an elite athlete who is likely not used to alcohol. Games over, she and her mates have hit the booze but, when she gets drunk, what's the first thing she and her mates reckon? No wonder, it's an epidemic - the government says so and high profile cases don't help.

But maybe it's time to get the problem into proportion and stop trying to blame everyone else when you drink too much.

-- Nick

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