Saturday, March 04, 2006

Reason #582 Why Islam Hates Us

THE 28th annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will be held tonight in Sydney.

Spectators can look forward to whip-cracking, chaps-wearing Brokeback Mormans who'll bootscoot alongside circus performers and marching girls.
Brokeback Mormans, eh. As Google would say, did you mean 'mormons'?

They'll all be part of the six thousand participants and 120 floats taking part.
Hmm. Wonder if the lesbian nuns will be there again this year? Maybe parodies of Fred Nile? How about a gay Christ?

Somehow I doubt there'll be any Imams in drag though. Pussies.

-- Nick

Update: 50,000 people went to the zoo and it was mostly predictable enough:

The cowboys from the bush were there. So were the Desperate Fishwives. And there was no mistaking the Friends of Trigger-Happy Dick Cheney.
But, lo:

"For all its glitz and glamour, you'll see people taking a stand against discrimination," (New Mardi Gras chairman Marcus Bourget) said. As always, there was a strong political edge, with John Howard, George Bush and Dick Cheney lookalikes highlighting issues such as gay marriage and the Iraq war.
The usual soft targets. What about issues of vital importance?

Wait a second:

On a more serious note, "Love Between the Flags" highlighted the need for racial harmony and cultural acceptance following last year's Cronulla riots.
Like I said - pussies. 'Can't we all just get along?' No. You accept their culture and they'll accept yours.

The narcissistic self-interest and blind-eye turning of Western homosexuals to the tribulations of their 'brothers and sisters' under Islam is equal only to that of Western feminists.

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