Sunday, December 04, 2005

Think Tanks

The Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations - 'FAIR', geddit? - tells us on its web site it is:

" independent, grass-roots inclusive and transparent public relations group aimed specifically at promoting a positive and harmonious relationship between MUSLIMS AND THE wIDER COMMUNITY."

It intends to promote a harmonious relationship with the 'wIDER COMMUNITY' by infiltrating schools and telling us to rename Christmas and tone it down. They'd prefer it if Australians 'fall in line', crawled on their bellies like the English and:

"...replaced references to Christmas on signage with the words "Festive" and "Winter"."

One has two words for this particularly offensive litter. The second is 'off'.

The Retail First Group might also have few words to say regarding copyright and its long-established major Gold Coast shopping centre Australia Fair, should 'Australia's first Islamic think-tank' pursue its aim to 'publish its own newspaper called Australia Fair'.

-- Nick

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