Friday, December 30, 2005

For Whom The Road Tolls

After a few days off to indulge in the Christmas spirit, here we are again. We had a good time over Christmas and, as we head into the last two days of 2005, we'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

One imagines that the bureaucrats of Queensland Transport and Queensland Police have had a good Christmas too and are expecting a very happy 2006.

This should be bad news but one can rest assured there'll be much smug pleasure around the aforementioned halls of government on January 3 as they get set to use the road toll as an excuse to finally fire up the fibre installed along the M1 and set up Queensland's first fixed flash for cash cameras.

Nick's prediction for the New Year is that fixed speed cameras will be a fact of life in Queensland by year's end but remember, it's all for your own good and the profligacy and ineptitude of the State Government has nothing to do with their need for revenue.

-- Nick

Update: As predictable as clockwork, the Queensland Government is to stage a road safety summit over the holiday road toll. ABC reports State Premier Peter Beattie 'says the community as a whole must take some responsibility for the carnage on the State's roads'. Rest assured you will.

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