Friday, December 30, 2005

All The News That Fits The Bias

There's a belief in journalism that good news doesn't sell, that bad news is what makes people pick up papers and turn on the evening news.

But when it comes to reporting good 'liberal' news, they're happy enough to give it coverage and not so much so when it sours in their view.

Thus the civil union of lesbians Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson won front page coverage for being the first of its type. But, as Cliff Kincaid notes in his piece Gay Times On TV, the first civil union couple are now getting the first 'gay divorce'.

Conrad has taken out a 'relief from abuse' order against Peterson and says she fears physical harm. Kincaid observes:

"On the Fox News Watch program, Cal Thomas wondered why the split wasn't getting as much attention as their original loving commitment, which was featured on front pages five years ago."
Indeed. Why would that be?

One doesn't need to pose sarcastic questions, however, about the reason for the Conrad-Peterson split:

Women are four times more likely to be victims of domestic violence in a lesbian household than in a married household. (Claire Renzetti, Violent Betrayal) Ref. 38, Myth and Reality about Homosexuality
And by 'married', Renzetti means heterosexual.

-- Nick

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