Saturday, November 01, 2008

Such A Nice Group Of People

An Obama-boosting lesbian journalist working for a left-wing blog? Why, it's tolerance in action:

An election writer for popular US blog The Huffington Post stabbed and killed her former partner in their shared home before shooting herself, Florida police confirmed yesterday. Police said 57-year-old Carol Burger attacked Jessica Kalish, 57, in the garage of their house... inflicting 222 stab wounds with a screwdriver.
Two hundred and twenty-two? That's a hell of a lot of tolerance.

The Floridians married in Massachusetts in 2005 but - surprise - separated and Kalish had met another woman. They continued sharing their house 'for financial reasons'.

Burger stuffed kalish's body in the boot of her car, dumped it and reported her missing. She killed herself only after police found the corpse days later.

Meanwhile, not all Spaniards are surrender monkeys:

"If these people want to live together, dress as grooms and get married, they might have the right to do so or not, depending on the laws of their countries. But they shouldn't call it marriage, because it isn't," Queen Sofia (of Spain) was quoted as saying... "I can understand, accept and respect there are people of another sexual orientation, but that they feel proud to be gay? That they should get on a float?"
Well, not until they're cornered by the wolves:

The Royal Palace said the Greek-born queen had been misquoted. "The supposed comments which, anyway, were made in a private sphere, do not exactly match the opinions expressed by Her Majesty The Queen," it said in a statement.
-- Nick

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