Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Common Sense

The best thing about this story comes in the comments:

We're not allowed to smack them or give them consequences; they're not allowed to hear the word 'fail' at school. They've been told since birth that they are the most important, special person in the world, and they've worked out that it doesn't matter what they do, the worst they'll get is a severe talking to. They can do what they want and take what they want without any real reprisal.

And when what they want is the girl/boy at the party, they don't stop to think twice, because they've never had to do that either.

The bleeding hearts in this society have forced it to raise a generation of selfish, egotistical kids who are incapable of seeing cause and effect or acknowledge that their actions might have serious ramifications (or to care about it).

These kids care only about what they want, not about the effect it has on others, so people get raped and assaulted. Where's your 'peace, love and mung-beans' now, care-bears??

Posted by: Platinum of Brisbane 8:15am November 14, 2008
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Well said, indeed.

-- Nick

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